Hermes Sport VK Wheel SystemsVK11 rear hub

Hermes Sport, handbuilt in San Diego.  Taking advantage of system design to deliver wheels with unmatched performance anywhere. We marry the pinnacle of traditional wheelbuilding craft to the latest bearing and wheel-structure technology to deliver wheels like no other.

Control to dominate corners

Uphill, downhill, around bends or just flat out, our VK system in all situations gives a connection to your bike that you can feel from the moment you start turning the pedals.

It’s been a long time coming, however we’ve made the most of our efforts and have come up with something really special.

Dave Levy, supremo of Ti Cycles: I was positively impressed with the clean design of the hubs, straight pull spokes and offset rim drilling on a light, wide rim. What surprised me was the ride, which was stiff and efficient feeling with a ‘snappy-ness’ I don’t usually associate with a wheel this light!

Super strong, drama free

Our wheels are very fast and very light, but our design and manufacturing know-how lets us make them as durable and easy to maintain as much heavier options.  The technologies that make our wheels lightweight and super-stiff also pay dividends in durability. Tested by thousands of miles over the most miserable terrain, these have come to inspire confidence worldwide.

Brandon Williams:  I was very pleased with the VK11 wheels. They came very highly recommended and performed beyond my expectations.  I have been very happy with them, and I weigh 240 pounds!

Read more about the technologies which help us accomplish all this on our Tech page.


VK11 PairHermes Sport VK11 wheelset:

23mm wide 700c alloy wheelset, clincher, tubeless compatible. 1450 grams

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VK51 PairHermes Sport VK51 wheelset:

50mm deep, 24.5mm wide 700c carbon wheelset, tubular or clincher. 1450 grams clincher, 1370 grams tubular

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