Hermes Sport VK Wheel SystemsVK11 rear hub

For riders who ask a little bit more from what they ride, Hermes Sport is proud to introduce the VK-series wheels.  Drawing on our experience handbuilding wheels of choice for some of the country’s top framebuilders, we have been biding our time and developing something really special.

We set out in 2012 to set a new standard in wheelset performance, strength, stiffness and durability for road and cyclocross bikes. After three years of design and testing, we’ve been successful on all counts!

The wheels are the carbon VK51 and the aluminum VK11 wheelset.  Both will feature numerous innovations to give a ride unlike anything ever before.

Improved bike handling and power transfer

Pound for pound, our design has made Hermes Sport wheels are some of the stiffest, most robust wheels around.  The difference is immediately apparent on your ride. Take corners harder, feel instant power response, all in a svelte package, weighing only 1450 grams for each clincher wheelset.

Super strong, drama free

Our design and manufacturing know-how lets us make lightweight wheels which are as durable and easy to maintain as much heavier options.  Thousands of miles, the most miserable terrain, these have come to inspire confidence throughout the world, from those fortunate enough to find a set in their hands.



VK11 PairHermes Sport VK11 wheelset:

23mm wide 700c alloy wheelset, clincher, tubeless compatible. 1450 grams

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VK51 PairHermes Sport VK51 wheelset:

50mm deep, 24.5mm wide 700c carbon wheelset, tubular or clincher. 1450 grams clincher, 1370 grams tubular

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