Closer to home

Closer to home Locally, we’ve been enjoying a balmy August, which presents a fantastic invitation to get out and about town.  Armed with a camera, we took off around Coronado, CA.  We took some glamor shots of our limited-edition Jamaica Teal hub anodization,  →

A Japanese Summer

A Japanese Summer Now here’s some fun stuff in our inbox! Groovy International, our Japanese distributor, sends us some bucolic scenes direct from Joetsu in Niigata Prefecture on that country’s west coast. Cooped up managing the launch of the VK alloy and carbon  →

Oregon Dispatches

Oregon Dispatches Hermes Sport keeps on trucking, and racking up results, even in the midst of a rainy Oregon weekend. Checking my inbox yesterday afternoon, it seems our resident road bike wheel abuser/member of the Portland Titanium team, Seth Patla, has once again  →

Demo Hermes Sport wheels, free!

Are you located in the greater San Diego area, and are interested in a set of Hermes Sport wheels?  We’re happy to announce that we are now offering demo wheels, free to loan, available to be picked up at our  →

Hermes Sport Trade-In

With the new VK wheels coming out, we at Hermes Sport bicycle wheels would like to offer our heartfelt thanks to our early adopters who bought wheels from us in the early days, before we had this killer new product  →

Hermes Sport VK-Series wheels unveiled!

Two years working and dreaming, come to fruition!  Head on over to the Products page and see the new Hermes Sport VK-series wheelsets, and learn more about them.  →